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Player Welfare

One of the core values at Railway is fostering the health and well-being of our players and placing their physical and mental health above all other considerations.

Ensuring our players’ fitness and health are maintained during their rugby careers at Railway is important to us and that this is approached as professionally as possible.

To this end, we have a very strong and active Player Welfare team. Indeed, the Head of Player Welfare at Railway has the final call on availability of players for selection for any team in Railway, overriding the player, coaches and the Director of Rugby.

Player Welfare is a key part of modern Rugby Union and, as a distinct entity, its value has only become recognised in recent times not only in professional rugby but in all progressive clubs.

The Player Welfare team has responsibility for addressing all aspects to do with the physical, psychological and personal well-being of the club’s players and this can be sub-divided under three headings: Preparation, Match Day Requirements and Post-Match Day Requirements.  

Functional Screening and Strength & Conditioning training are an essential element also and our S&C coaches are part of our Player Welfare team.

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