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Vision & Values

Our vision is to be an inclusive, community-based rugby club and have our club cater for players of all abilities, backgrounds, nationalities and gender.

In Railway, all players are equal, regardless of which team they play on, their ability, their background or their gender. This is one of our core values. There is no ‘hierarchy’ at Railway, all teams and players mix together freely, and all teams get equal support from the club to achieve their goals.

As a club, the following are also important to us:

  • Playing competitively and playing to win, whilst playing fairly and honestly, obeying the rules and laws of competition in both letter and spirit, and recognising that winning is only meaningful when competition is fair
  • Showing respect for everyone involved in creating our sporting experience both on and off the field
  • Winning with humility and losing with dignity
  • Finding the joy of sport and keeping a positive attitude on and off the field
  • Having fun together and having a strong social element to the club with regular off-field activities
  • Remembering our history and staying close with our former players and members (our ‘Legends’ programme)
  • Being inclusive and having a positive impact our community
  • Fostering the health and well-being of our players and placing their physical and mental health above all other considerations
  • Striving for excellence, helping our players and coaches discover how good they can be, and facilitating them to achieve their potential
  • Giving our players and members to opportunity to learn and develop as people through rugby and make the life-long friendships that rugby allows

Our club is structured and managed to achieve our vision and stay true to our core values.

About Railway Union RFC

Rugby Club located in Sandymount, Dublin 4



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