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We run a Performance Rugby program and our female athletes compete at the highest level of competition in Ireland.

We provide a high standard of coaching, athletic development, S&C, medical support, and video analysis.

We have the most experienced and qualified coaching team in the country, with four Stage 4 and two Stage 3 coaches, as well as the use of specialist coaches.  This team has developed over 60 athletes to achieve representative honours, many of whom started rugby with the club or achieved those honours after joining.   

Our S&C coach completes full monitoring of the athletes in our program, with gym, speed, recovery, resilience and contact prep sessions programmed on our Teambuildr platform.

S&C takes place in our facility on-site. However, the Teambuildr platform allows delivery of programs directly to our athletes’ phone. This allows performance monitoring and remote training, where required.

This is particularly useful for athletes whose schedule or location does not allow them to make the group session, often our student athletes at college outside Dublin or those whose work requirements mean they need to fit their session in on their own time.

Our Player Welfare team provide full medical and physio support to our athletes, with pre, post and match day support. We have two on-site physio clinics per week, as well as a match-day doctor and physio. The team also use the Teambuildr platform for prehabilitation and rehabilitation programs.

We complete video analysis using two Capturemasts and games are coded on Hudl for athlete review and coach feedback.

We run exchange programs with other high-performance clubs in Australia, USA and Canada, where we send a number of athletes every year to aid in their development and gain international experience.  We also play regular matches against English and French opposition.

Our 15s program runs from September to May, where our 1st XV play in the All-Ireland League and our 2nd XV play in Leinster League Division 1.

We are interested in recruiting athletes who are interested in Performance Rugby and have ambition, dedication and coachability. This includes athletes who have excelled at other sports and wish to try rugby (‘crossover athletes’), as well as athletes who have recently graduated from U18s.

We are particularly interested in recruiting athletes who have the ambition to play in the Six Nations, WXVs and make the Ireland World Cup squads in 2025 and 2029 and with whom we can work with to achieve those goals.

We have good relationships with participation rugby clubs in our community, where athletes at an earlier stage of their development may play at the appropriate level, if required.

Please contact us to discuss joining our program.

Typical Training Schedule


Below is our typical training week in-season and when in competition. Our program is tailored by our coaches and S&C team as appropriate during the season. A different plan will operate in pre-season, 7s season and off-season.


* Those travelling from college or outside Dublin are only expected to be onsite on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  They can get skills early Tuesday & Thursday, rather than travel on Monday also. Coaching will be available from 4pm to 6pm. Any speed/S&C session on Monday will be on Teambuildr and can be done remotely. Anyone wanting additional skills work can attend Tuesday & Thursday sessions also.
** ‘Honing Your Craft’ – hooker throwing, kicker kicking, prop setup, etc.  Athletes are expected to get a self-led position-specific skill session per week. 
*** If playing Saturday. If not playing Saturday, there will be an S&C session